Why does InCube take place in a glass cube

With a cube almost entirely out of glass we want to encourage the citizenry to be part of the created solution, foster transparency and provide a platform for interactive engagement in tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, all the transparent cubes are located in public spaces in different parts of Switzerland and even in the United States to ensure the Incube participants have the chance to include as much feedback and as many opinions as necessary. Besides, we do think that the elaborated solutions by our Incube participants will indeed have an impact on society at some point in time – so we think it’s more than fair to incorporate diverse feedback from an early stage, so what do you think?

Solving real-world challenges

The Incube challenge is all about solving real-world challenges and problems which have not been properly addressed yet. Even though we have incredibly talented and interdisciplinary teams of international students, we believe that tomorrow’s problems cannot be solved only by a handful of students but rather by including everyone in the solution process.

It is not only our goal to foster entrepreneurship among students and the society in general but also to involve the population of Switzerland and Boston in the Incube challenge through conducting interviews, testing prototypes, receiving instant feedback and verifying the feasibility of the proposed solution to the problem statement.

“Living in the cube was a unique experience. The location really helped us connect with the potential customers, and the ambience created in the cube pushed us to challenge each other and think creatively about a theme which we were overall unfamiliar with.” said the team that lived on Paradeplatz in 2017