Is InCube still taking place?!

This is InCube 2018

First of all: Yes of course it is happening! After many months of planning we’re incredibly happy to spill the beans about the event and get everyone up to speed.  If you’re unfamiliar with InCube see some  impressions from 2017 to get a feeling of what it’ll be like.

The journey begins

InCube began for many applicants in May. Since then we have asked them to send in

their CV and we have interviewed many candidates in order to find the most promising ones. Now the participants have finally officially been confirmed. We did so by  sending everyone a box to prepare them for the upcoming adventure. Inside there is a  manual to inform them about what is happening next. The manual includes information about the event, the sponsors and also gives them alreaey some handy background infos. Besides the info booklet they also received some goodies and merchandise, like a cap and stickers.

This box is meant to prepare the participants for the second part of InCube, which will be OutCube.

InCube goes international

InCube 2018 is now less than a month away! We are truly excited to announce this years location and partners. In 2017, there were three cubes in total. All of them were in Zürich.

This year there is a total of five cubes, in four different cities and on two different continents. Besides having Zürich, Bern and Crans-Montana on board this year, there will also be a cube in Boston on the MIT campus. We receive large support in the US and some members of the ETH Entrepreneur Club spent an exchange semester at MIT and planned the event there. It will be interesting to see this team compete against the Swiss teams. The participants from Boston will following a very similar time schedule and record their final pitches for the big final on Monday.

We want to thank our main sponsors who also helped define the challenges for each location.

  • BKW for Grosse Schanze, Bern
  • Association des Communes de Crans-Montana, Crans-Montana
  • Huawei for Europaallee, Zürich
  • ETH und Gebert-Rüf for Polyterasse, Zürich
  • Stryker for MIT Campus, Boston, USA

Of course we thank all the additional sponsors for supporting this event and making it possible. See them here!

Be there for the final

In order to stay up to date with the event and also to fully understand what happens during those four days make sure to follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter! We will post regular behind the scenes about the planning. And finally we announce that you can get the tickets for the Live event on Monday, September 24 as of now!



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