Team building on 2300 meter above sea level

This weekend the OutCube took place, where all participants got to know each other and participated in many workshops!

Armon, InCube participant, took some time to document his experience:

“Spending a weekend with people from literally all around the globe is a life-enhancing experience. However, even more thrilling about that, we got to do this in the world-renowned village of Crans Montana. Waking up to such a breathtaking mountainous scenery and seeing fairy dust sprinkled over dense, green fields is a story of its own.

However, first things first, let’s start from the very beginning. The OutCube tale started on Friday, early in the morning. We met at Zurich HB and meandered through frightening gorges and sky-high peaks. Once we made it all the way to the canton of Valais, we checked-in to our lodging, high above the valley floor.

Upon that, we filled our bellies in order to be energized for the first 5-hour workshop. The topic: Design thinking, its application, frameworks to follow and finally we could even get hands-on practice. What a kickstarter! In the evening we were then seduced to indulge into the infamous Swiss dish: Fondue aka. Molten-Cheese-Bonanza! What a treat that was. We then made it to an early-bed night.

On Saturday, the journey continued with a rich breakfast at the hostel, followed by some people doing early-yoga sun salutations. After that, each and every one was transferred to one pre-determined, personalized workshop. One in the morning and one in the after- noon. Workshops ranged from rapid prototyping, wireframing, designing a lean business canvas model, video editing, MockUp/PoP, interview techniques and many more. They were quite intense and fast-paced, but they taught you pretty much all you need for the InCube event itself. In the evening, right after dinner, we were served a little surprise. We all took the cable car, starting at an altitude of 1’500 m a.s.l end arriving at an overwhelming 2’300 m a.s.l. There, we went to the end-of-season party of the famous “Cry d’Er Mountain Club”. People showed of their whole dance repertoire. Some might want to call such an event a “team-building event”. In essence, it undoubtedly brought us even closer together. On Sunday, unfortunately the last day of the OutCube, all participants had another two workshops followed by the way back to their home base.

In the end, everyone saw her and himself gotten their hands dirty, having made it through a myriad of intense workshops, and sipping a lot of coffee. We even put on our hiking shoes for a roundtrip overseeing mountain ranges and listening to birds chirping. It was simply a weekend filled to the brink with top tier people, without whom it wouldn’t have been half as enriching.

To conclude, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all participants, especially to the ones from MIT and more importantly to the ETH Entrepreneur Club. You all made this to an unbelievably awe-inspiring and surreal event. Thank YOU!”



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