InCube From Inside – A Recollection part 1

By Shirzart Enwer

It was the the first Sunday morning after InCube 2018 and it was the first Sunday morning in a month that I could finally not think about InCube anymore. Yet, every piece of InCube was still there, inevitably. Although everyone of us had already cubed-out for a week, as the normal days goes by, the whole InCube experiences seems more and more unreal.  Thus, it’s very worthwhile to write down everything we experienced and learned.

How it all started

The whole InCube 2018 organisation started off in March of this year by the three InCube 2017 participants Brian, Sebastian and Gian-Marco as the main organisers. One day in mid-June, just after I finished my semester project, Sebi approached me and said:

-“Hey Shizzy, we need someone to help us organise the workshop weekend “OutCube” and take  full responsibility for this! Are you up for it? ”

-“Yeah, sure!”

A simple but firm answer, without knowing nothing about the gravity of the commitment.

And three months later, in an early morning on 14th September, the time to departure to OutCube, I found myself rushing into Zurich HB, with an empty stomach, a fully prepared mind and a bunch of train tickets in my backpack. Those tickets were about to be dispatched to all the lovely  guys and girls that were to participate in this year’s InCube challenge.



The whole group hopped on a train and off we went to OutCube, a series of workshop and team building events, which were all packed into one weekend. After the three-and-a-half hour train ride, we arrived with this group of crazy, creative, funny and overall loveable  people in Crans-Montana, one of the most beautiful towns I had ever visited in Switzerland.

During the OutCube, the participants went through a variety of serious workshops, which would equip them with the skills they would need during InCube. The workshops covered mock-up prototyping, the business model canvas, video editing and of course the indispensable Design Thinking approach. One week later, they would find out that every new skill they acquired during this weekend could come in very handy in the cube.

While the participants were occupied with workshops, our organisation team was either busy preparing food, preparing the upcoming workshop sessions or transporting food and participants from location to location.

Those three days in the mountains went by really fast, but they were for sure unforgettable. The view of the night sky and the sleepy town while riding the cable car, the beautiful flora and fauna we spotted at the wayside during the hike. All the connecting moments we had when we ate food together,  when we studied and later jumped in the lake together and when we shared old photos of ourselves and had a laugh. Wherever we go and wherever we stay, this energy and spirit of InCube will accompany us forever.

From an organisational point of view, the whole OutCube procedure went beyond our expectations and imagination. On the evening coming back from OutCube, I asked one of the participants from Boston what she had expected from OutCube before coming to Switzerland.

“I thought it was only going to be a simple workshop and was wondering why I needed to fly to Switzerland for that. I never expected it to be so binding and connecting. Even though it was a very short time we’ve bonded a lot and become really good friends.”

The whole OutCube experience looked pretty awesome. Do you wonder what actually happened at InCube?  Stay tuned!


Shirzart Enwer was InCube participant 2017, co-organiser 2018 and cube facilitator for the Education Team on Polyterasse during InCube 2018. He is doing his Master studies in environmental engineering at ETH.





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