InCube Challange

About InCube

The InCube Challenge is an intensive entrepreneurship and design thinking challenge for students. The participants spend 5 days thinking INside a CUBE. It is not for the faint of heart. Participants from around the world will find themselves placed in a glass cube, faced with a real-world challenge and less than 100 hours to solve it. Excited? 

InCube 2022 Edition will recruit participants from around the world for an event that takes place entirely in Switzerland. The Hub of Innovation. Stay tuned, for the reveal of the cube locations. 


Does entrepreneurship intrigue you? Are you seeking challenges & discomfort? Do you want to meet like-minded individuals from around the world? Would you like to be the founder of your own start-up? If you answered yes to any of these questions – InCube is for YOU!


We have an exciting itinerary planned for you. It is divided into three phases, each specifically curated to prepare you for the 5 days in the cube – StarterCube, PrepCube and OutCube. 

Please ensure that you have read through the timeline below. Please note that OutCube and InCube will both take place in Switzerland. International applicants will have to travel to Switzerland for the start of OutCube and then they will be guided to their cube. (All* travel, accommodation and food expenses are covered by us!). 

*Covid-19 related expenses, such as accommodation for mandatory quarantine, testing etc. will not be covered by us. Masks and hand sanitizers will be provided by us during OutCube and InCube. 


Once you have had a chance to browse through this website and are armed with information about the InCube Challenge – you can get started on your application. We suggest finding a comfortable and quiet place and plan around 1 hour for filling out the form. Of course, it may even be done in half the time, or take a bit longer. Make sure that you have an updated version of your CV to share with us, and have thought about why you would be the best applicant for The 2022 InCube Challenge!