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InCube Alpine Edition from Inside (Part II)

A race against time in the spectacular setting of the Swiss Alps On Monday, August 14th, after communication of the challenges to the participants, they only had five days until the final presentation. After settling into their respective mountain chalets, they started working intensively on their given challenges, while being able to enjoy the magnificent […]

Let the most exciting journey begin!

For the first stage of the whole InCube experience our Cubees visited Crans-Montana, an idyllic and innovative mountain village, situated in the canton of Valais. The Association des Communes Crans-Montana and the economic promotion provided an entrepreneur-friendly environment to learn the most important concepts, which will facilitate the creative process during the InCube Challenge. Two […]

InCube from Inside (Part III) – The most challenging part

Saturday: excitement, confusion, struggle, tough and mixed feelings On the Friday evening of InCube 2018 journey, participants of Polyterrasse cube(the Shiz-Academy) went to bed with 3 prototypes. They woke up with a fresh mind and plenty of energy on Saturday morning.  By the time I arrived at the cube, everyone was cleaning the cube and making […]

Incube 2018 From inside (Part II) – A leap into the challenge

InCube and the “Shiz-Academy” On a sunny and shiny afternoon,  the view on Polyterrasse starts to reveal it’s most beautiful form. The participants in Switzerland were standing in front of the cube, chatting, joking and having Apéro. For most of them was it the first reunion after OutCube the weekend before. The reflection of sunlight […]

The results of InCube 2018

From the 21st to 24th of September, the ETH Entrepreneur Club organized the second iteration of the InCube Challenge. Now a month later we’d like to look back and summarise the results of InCube 2018. During 4 days, the teams with 5-6 students each worked and lived inside a transparent cube in a public place. […]

Team building on 2300 meter above sea level

This weekend the OutCube took place, where all participants got to know each other and participated in many workshops! Armon, InCube participant, took some time to document his experience: “Spending a weekend with people from literally all around the globe is a life-enhancing experience. However, even more thrilling about that, we got to do this […]



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