Bringing a change by Being the Change.

What InCube is About

The world faces many complex problems that heavily impact the way individuals, companies and institutions interact. Entrepreneurship can help address some of these challenges by driving innovative and unprecedented solutions. Universities are in a unique position to inspire their students to acknowledge real-world problems with an entrepreneurial perspective. Providing a dynamic environment and cooperating closely with corporate partners are necessary prerequisites to realize this vision.

InCube helps to bridge this gap, by bringing together universities, students and companies in an inspiring environment. Working in a confined place provides a special setting where innovative ideas are proposed, planned and executed by driven students. The complimentary educational journey ensures that students are equipped with the proper methodologies, tools and skills to evolve an abstract idea into a prototype that they can develop further.


Why a Glass Cube?


Innovation is not something that should be locked and discussed behind closed doors. The simple act of opening up, leads to conversations, connections and curiosity. Sparks begin to fly, and people are pushed to thinking, “OK, what can I do?”.


Opacity is easy, Transparency is hard. It is only in this zone of difficulty, of discomfort, that we are faced with challenging questions and follow-ups. With inputs pouring in from different directions, your idea can re-shape completely from Day 1 to Day 4! All you need to do is reach out. 


So, that’s why a glass cube. To grow, to connect, to converse, to spread curiosity and to innovate. Together. 

InCube 2022 - stay tuned

InCube 2021

Team Polyterrasse (Siemens) - AssistAR

Meera Mahadevan, Christian Cadisch, Vincent Yuan, Tim Demuth, Esmee Huijten

We aimed to make train travel more accessible for people with autism. Our solution is a navigation app for within train stations, guiding the user to the right platform while blocking all other sensory stimulations. The app shows the route in a safe and intuitive way using Augmented Reality, and avoids crowds by using data from people counting sensors.

Team Hönggerberg (Richnerstutz) - TOTE

Ardennes Ornati, Mak Fazlic, Antonio Terpin, Yujie Wang, Muskaan Vaidya

As sustainability is becoming more of a lifestyle than just a trend for consumers and retailers are offering more eco-friendly products, consumers have a hard time finding accessible and reliable sustainability information at the point of purchase. 

Our solution, TOTE, is a smart personal reusable shopping bag and a symbol of value. The digitalized bag, made of sustainable technology, is able to scan your products and display real-time sustainability information while offering a seamless shopping experience. We aim to shape the future of sustainable shopping for consumers and sustainability communication for supermarkets and food companies, and eventually shift consumer behavior towards sustainable consumption.

Team Prime Tower (Hilti) - DOORS & WINDOWS

Natasha Tomm, Ivo Djidrovski, Lluis Pastor, Julie Huh, Ahmet Batirel

An online platform for upskilling workers and attracting new talents in the construction industry. The platform brings together trade schools, training houses, engineering companies with new tech to train workers within SMEs. This training will be offered to young students for free which can be employed by the SMEs on the spot.

Team Lugano (Microsoft) - KALDI

Philipp Niggli, Jenny Kim, Marco Magno, Jasmine Tacneng, Yash Agarwala

Kaldi will help the coffee industry endure climate change. Using satellite imaging and ground data, we provide a risk-assessment tool to evaluate the quality and quantity of coffee production in a given area. This information can be used to help farmers and roasters prepare for the upcoming seasons. In the future, our tool can also be applied to other crops such as Cacao and Avocado.

Team Cape Town (University of Cape Town, Swissnex) - MED-DATA

Lebohang Neo, Lunga Momoza, Jada Adache, Nellylyn Moyo, Zino Cilliers

An app backed by a decentralized database of medical records to allow patients to control how their medical data is shared while maintaining privacy.

Team MIT (ETH Entrepreneur Club) - TRULA

Arina Khotimsky, Eva Remlova, Sharon Chao, Sheng Huang

We developed an app to connect mothers with personalized, virtual support from doulas during their pregnancies. Doulas are certified professionals who can provide physical, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy. Our app will especially serve low-income women who have historically had unequal access to maternal care, by offering them the affordable option of meeting with doulas-in-training. This will also benefit doulas-in-training by giving them a way to build a client base, gain experience, and earn money while they are still in school. Through this app, we hope to address the severe maternal and infant health disparities that exist in the United States.

InCube 2020 - Alpine Edition Challenges

Team Matterhorn
Climate and Development

Finding ways to spur economic growth and alleviate poverty while at the same time improving resilience and adaptation to climate change in developing countries.

Expert : Linn Borgen Nilsen, Senior Scientist, ETH4D

Team Castor
Health and the Elderly

From surviving longer to leading a longer, quality life: Improving the quality of life of healthy elderly people to uphold their autonomy and enable independence.

Expert : Samuel Rom, Executive Board Member at Föderation der Schweizer Psychologinnen und Psychologen (FSP)

Team Dufourspitze
Food System and Sustainability

Leveraging technology to conceptualize a more efficient and sustainable food system.

Experts : Phillipe Schuler, Global Movement Coordinator at TooGoodToGo & Martijn Sonnevelt, Executive Director at ETH World Food System Center

Team Alphubel
Higher Education and Intercultural Dialogue

Using new approaches to improve diversity in higher education by leveraging the power of intercultural dialogue.

Expert : Aditi Kothiyal, Scientist at Computer-Human Interaction Lab for Learning & Instruction EPFL

InCube 2019 edition - Challenges

Team Hilti - Singapore

Smart construction sites for a Smart Nation: how can we build smart construction sites for a Smart Nation?

Team Axpo - Zurich

How to fight wasting energy in cities?

Team Huawei - Zurich

Intelligent, connected, sustainable cities: how to ease human-urban interaction for better wellbeing in Zurich ?

Team PMI Science - Zurich

In the age of open innovation, how should researchers embrace current and future consumer needs to guide new research and product development?

InCube Alpine Edition Participants

Program InCube Alpine Edition 2020


September 20, 2019

The weekend before InCube all participants are attending the Pre-event called OutCube. Here they learn valuable things for their time in the Cubes and get background information for the Challenges.

InCube Launch

September 26, 2019

The event is launched on Thursday night. The challenges get explained and all key players of the event introduced. The participants learn where they will spend InCube and on what challenge they will be working on. At the end of the night, the Cubees leave to their Cubes.


September 27, 2019

On Friday the teams need to face the public for the first time in order to narrow down the problem and define a customer. They will move to ideating for a solution and finally constructing a prototype to test on Saturday.


September 28, 2019

Saturday starts off by having the teams test their prototypes with the available public again. Based on this they will repeat the process again. The will reiterate on the problem statement and come up with different prototypes.


September 29, 2019

By Sunday the teams have been inside the cube for 72h. Eat, sleep and work at the same place. On Sunday they’ll reevaluate on their previous prototypes and include now the business side as well. They develop a business model for their chosen product and bring it to the next level.

InCube Final

September 30, 2019

On Monday the teams need to pitch their presentation at the final event. They will present at the same time in front of the local juries in Zurich, Boston and Singapore. The prizes will be assigned by the combined voting of all the local juries. All the pitches will be made available on our channels!

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