Impressions from Incube 2020

The whole experience was truly memorable, and looking back now the Incube Challenge was to me 9 intense days of fun and friendships all while working on a meaningful cause.
Lucia Hotti
2020 Participant
The Incube Challenge showed me that no matter how big or pressing an issue may be, perseverance, passion and the right people will bring you much closer to a real-world solution than you might imagine. We’re all entrepreneurs in our own ways, and the Incube Challenge is an opportunity to explore what’s behind doors you didn’t know existed.
Aashna Majmudar
2020 Participant, ETH student

Impressions from Incube 2019

Imagine living during several days with 4 students in order to tackle a societal challenge? That’s what Incube is about. This student challenge is intense, entrepreneurial and stimulating. But what makes InCube unique is the bond you create with your teammates along the journey. InCube is not a classic business game, it’s above all a human experience!
Tom Winandy
2019 Participant, EPFL student
It was an experience of Challenging the challenges! I learnt that Innovation can be a result of constraints and determination. Working towards one goal of solving social needs with 4 new people and in just 4 days was an unforgettable experience in my life!
Kaushik Selva Danuk
2019 Participant, ETH student

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