InCube 2022


The 2022 edition is all about bringing diversity – in personalities, in backgrounds, in ideas, in approaches – to the hub of innovation. Switzerland. You will have the chance to meet others from around the world, learn, grow and innovate with each other INside and OUTside of the CUBEs. 


You will be immersed into the world of innovation, entrepreneurship, ideating, addressing real challenges and problems the world faces. You will be guided through to the InCube Challenge with the following phases.

How is it structured?

1. Recruitment
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
2. StarterCube
Online event to help you get started with your InCube Journey.
3. PrepCube
Online event with the focus on giving you a toolbox for moving through InCube. You will get a quick introduction to the crucial concepts of entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovation.
4. OutCube
Preparatory 4 day retreat in Switzerland. Participants discover the beauty of the location, while getting to know each other, working on team building skills, taking part in personal development workshops, pitch training and design thinking workshops.
4 - 8. October 2022
5. InCube
Competitive 5 days of intense work while moving from a concept to a fully researched & developed pitch on the given challenge.
10 - 14. October 2022