InCube Challenge 2021: Global Resilience

5 days in a glass cube, 1 challenge to solve. You’ll be in Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa or the USA, with one goal: prototype a solution to a problem that matters. 

The Incube Challenge is your opportunity to learn how start-up ideas come to life, and experience the intense work and emotions that are undeniably part of the process. Why a glass cube? This is a design-centered challenge where you will talk and observe people. But you will also be observed by people witnessing how start-ups come to life. 

Ready.. Set..

We have an exciting itinerary planned for you, with multiple phases curated to prepare you optimally for your 5 days in the glass cube. Please ensure that you have read the details of the timeline below. Note in particular that OutCube takes place in the Swiss Alps, in Crans Montana, Switzerland. For international applicants, this means that you will travel to Switzerland for OutCube, and return thereafter to the glass cube nearest to your home country for InCube (All* travel, accommodation and food expenses are covered by us!) Make sure you have read through the FAQ for applicants here. 


Once you’re well equipped with all the information about The Incube Challenge, get started on your application. We suggest that you sit in a comfortable and quiet spot and plan around 1 hour for filling out the form (of course, you may be done in half, or double the time). Make sure that you have an updated version of your CV and have thought about what makes you the best applicant to take on The Incube Challenge!

*Covid-19 related expenses, such as accommodation for mandatory quarantine, testing etc. will not be covered by us. Masks and hand sanitizers will be provided by us during OutCube and InCube.

How is it structured?

1. Recruitment
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
2. StarterCube
Once they are selected, all participants receive our digital welcome package, providing them with all the information (and some goodies) they need to get started with their InCube journey.
3. PrepCube
Half a day online event where students can assess their knowledge and get a quick introduction to the crucial concepts of entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovation.
17. September 2021
4. OutCube
A preparatory five-day event in Crans-Montana, where participants have the opportunity to get to know each other, build strong teams and expand their knowledge through design thinking workshops and personal development workshops where they learn from innovation experts, academics and entrepreneurs.
23. - 28. September 2021
5. InCube
A competitive five days of intense work in a cube in various locations around the world. Each team of five students work on a different challenge and try to come up with an innovative solution.
11. - 15. October 2021

InCube 2021 - Challenges

How can we merge mobility and buildings with smart infrastructure (building automation and energy management) and what benefits can we reap from this?


How can we use technology to increase the impact of experiential communication?

How can we use technology to reduce health disparities that arise from the social determinants of health?



How can we leverage space technology to improve local quality of life?

How to create positive impact on the jobsite using advanced digital ecosystems?


Creating Property Rights for the Digital Economy using Blockchain

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