In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we are closely monitoring the situation in Switzerland as well as our locations abroad. At this moment in time, the organizing committee has decided to proceed with InCube 2020 and provide a successful event for our participants. We will reevaluate this decision appropriately as the situation evolves. The health and well-being of our organizers and participants is our top priority.

From Problem to Prototype in Five Days.

InCube is an international competition, where students from a diverse background spend five days in a glass cube to come up with innovative solutions to an entrepreneurial challenge. The participants will develop a deep understanding of the challenge, ideate solutions and create a prototype. At the final event, each team pitches their solution in front of a live audience and jury where only one will win the grand prize.

  • 1. StarterCube: All participants receive a surprise with items that inspire them to think about their challenge and provides them all the necessary information about their coming journey.
  • 2. PrepCube: An educational journey culminating in OutCube. Students can assess their knowledge and learn more about crucial concepts of entrepreneurship at their own pace.
  • 3. OutCube: A preparatory seven-day event in the Swiss Alps, where participants get to know each other, build strong teams and expand their knowledge through workshops with innovation experts, academics and entrepreneurs.
  • 4. InCube: A competitive four days of intense work in glass cubes located in various international urban hubs. The public can witness innovation before their eyes while students formulate and prototype their solutions.
  • 5. PostCube: Bringing the participants' ideas to life. After the final event we provide the participants with the resources to transform their idea from a prototype to a viable startup.

The World of InCube

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