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From Problem to Prototype in a Weekend

InCube is an international competition, where students live for four days in a glass cube. They need to define the problem they want to tackle, ideate for solutions and create a prototype. At the final event, the different teams compete in a pitch battle in front of a live audience and jury.

  • 1. Starter Cube: The participants receive a box with goodies related to their challenge in the cube.
  • 2. OutCube: is the pre-event in a swiss mountain resort. Workshops prepare the participants for InCube and they will also work on the teambuilding.
  • 3. InCube: Means four days of challenge in a glass Cube. Experts and academic partners provide some guidance on the way to a solution, while everything is visible for the public.
  • 4. Startup-Concept: After the event incentives are created to motivate the continuation of the project into a business idea.

The World of InCube

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