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InCube Alpine Edition

With nearly a third of the globe isolated indoors for the first months of 2020, InCube is moving out of the Cube. This year only,  participants will have the opportunity to spend nine days in the beautiful Swiss Alps, combining the best of entrepreneurial thinking and innovation with the beauty of the mountains helping you to reconnect with nature. 

In this exclusive edition of InCube, our customary class cubes will be replaced with alpine huts and urban cityscapes with remote mountain retreats. Over the course of five days, #incubealpine2020 will continue to push participants to ideate solutions and create a prototype for real world challenges!

From Problem to Prototype in Five Days.

Bored of sitting around at home and wasting your time? How about spending 9 days in the Swiss Alps, working with like-minded peers on an innovative solution to an entrepreneurial challenge instead?

InCube Alpine Edition is an international competition, where students from diverse backgrounds spend five days in a mountain hut in Crans-Montana to come up with innovative solutions to an entrepreneurial challenge. Over the course of the event, the participants will develop a deep understanding of the challenges, ideate solutions and create a prototype. At the final event, each team pitches their solution in front of a live audience and jury where only one will win the grand prize.

During nine days, all expenses (travel costs, etc) are covered by the ETH Entrepreneur Club. Check out our FAQ for more information. 

  • 1. StarterCube: Once they are selected, all participants will receive our digital welcome package, providing them with all the information they need. When arriving at OutCube, StarterCube will be waiting for them, filled to the brim with goodies that will facilitate the InCube Journey.
  • 2. PrepCube: An educational journey culminating in OutCube. Students can assess their knowledge and learn more about crucial concepts of entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovation at their own pace.
  • 3. OutCube: (10.09-14.09) A preparatory four-day event in Crans-Montana, where participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other, build strong teams and expand their knowledge through workshops with innovation experts, academics and entrepreneurs.
  • 4. InCube: (14.09-18.09) A competitive five days of intense work in mountain huts located in Crans-Montana. Each team of five students will work on a different challenge and try to come up with an innovative solution.
  • 5. PostCube: Bringing the participants' ideas to life. After the final event, we provide the participants with the resources to transform their idea from a prototype to a viable startup.

The World of InCube

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