Everything You Should Know About InCube

InCube is open to all students (BA, MA, and PhDs). If you are eager to experience a new, crazy challenge and have an entrepreneurial and open-minded spirit, then this is for you!

Because it is fun! It will be an incredible experience with lots of learning, meeting new people, discussions with industry partners and pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone in more ways than one. 

Also, a fun perk is that you will get the potential for project incubation and support as follow-up. Hopefully, your ideas will turn into a start-up!

At InCube, you will be working with other motivated people in a glass cube. You will be solving a challenge on a real world problem faced today. The goal would be to find an innovative solution in your interdisciplinary team. On the fifth day, your solution will be presented to a jury at the Launch event. You and your team will have the chance to win a nice prize and lots of fame.

Applications are generally reviewed on a rolling basis. Final decisions will be shared by around early August 2022. In case of any changes, the applicants will be notified.
The final event will take place in Zürich, Switzerland on 14 October, 2022. For further details on the other events, please refer to our timeline
However, we want you to do the rest of the work inside of the cube and you are also going to sleep there. The cube will be your office and bedroom for those five days!

The challenges will be revealed to the participants when the time is right. Until then they remain a secret. However, we can give you some hints. The challenge for each team will be unique and you will be required to come up with an innovative solution to a real world problem proposed by our industry partners. That’s all we can say!

The glass cube is to connect, to converse, to spread curiosity and to innovate, together. 

It also acts as a low barrier for you to interact with people passing by – which as you will find out, will be an important part of the InCube journey.

The focus of InCube is to have an interdisciplinary team to promote different ideas that lead to innovative solutions. So, you as a participant may be placed with anyone and anywhere in the Swiss Cube locations! Keeping this in mind, we ask you to keep your schedule free for all planned Cube events (PrepCube, OutCube & InCube). 

Transport to the Cube will be covered for all participants.

Yes, and no. Facilities like showers, bathrooms and so on are not part of the cube. Do not panic, however, as they are within very near vicinity to your cube location and accessible for 24 hours. So of course, you will have to leave the cube. Additionally, we do want you to step out of the cube to interview and test your prototype with your target users (passing by).

But. We want you to do all the other work inside the cube. You will eat and sleep inside the cube. It will be your office and bedroom for 4 days!

5 people – all from interesting and exciting backgrounds. We will also have other people available to help you through your journey as a Cubee.

Yep. All *Cube relevant* transport costs will be covered. This includes travel costs to Switzerland for international participants and travel costs within Switzerland. Precise details on costs that will be covered will be shared with selected participants. 

Detailed packing lists will be shared with the selected participants closer to the event dates. In general, we recommend you to carry your laptop/tablet (and its charger). Please keep in mind that you will be sharing the space in the cube, so pack light to keep the cube tidy.

Of course! Everyone is welcome to see from outside how the teams are working & progressing. We expect it will be very interesting to see how the content on the glass walls will change day by day. 

You are also cordially invited to the final event on 14 October 2022. The InCube Final Ceremony is coupled with the ETH Launch event where there will be lots of exciting talks, discussions, and other interesting opportunities for you. If you’re planning to attend, we look forward to seeing you there!

During the events, the participants will be provided with all the required materials for their Cubee journey. At the end of InCube, you could win a grand prize which will be a basis for you to continue the development of your ideas and grow your own start-up after InCube. 

No other monetary compensation is provided to participants.

PrepCube is an online program. It will guide you through multiple online courses in order to provide you with essential entrepreneurial adroitness such as: negotiation skills, creativity, problem solving and decision making, and emotional intelligence. These skills will be handy for both your participation at InCube as well as your future as an entrepreneur.

OutCube is a workshop for team-building, workshops and will provide you with the necessary tools for InCube, your future as an entrepreneur, and international networking.



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